State of Decay #5 To the Army Base & Skyrim #13 Really To The Barrow and Back Again

So, It's not really an army base, it is a couple of soldiers based out of a house, but hey they sort of helped us, well more incidentally than anything. Basically I dragged zombie hordes to the army so they'd shoot them for me but that was pretty much it. Well I mean We did sort of trick the army into helping us clear out an infestation. Oh, and we remembered to be a military person! I am good at remembers.

So this is actually the episode we go into the barrow, not sure what happened to my brain on yesterday's episode. Yes, we finally made it to Ivarstead. We finally found found the Woman with the irrational hatred of bears; ok mostly irrational. Well we some how agreed to help the people of Ivarstead deal with their supposedly haunted barrow. Well no spoilers, but it's not exactly what we expected and we even got a word of power out of it.