Wildstar #29 Galeras Level 18 & Skyrim #11 All the Undead Up in the Chapel

So close to leveling but oh so far. Today we continue our campaign against the Dominion in Galeras, shutting down their prison camp/chemistry lab. We discover that the Dominion has been taking large numbers of Exiles Prisoner and testing some kind of Granok specific poison as well. Of course the other races don't have it much better, so we break them all out and challenge the warden.

We're continuing to try and make our way to Ivatstead, one step closer to the grey beards, but we only make it like half a mile, probably a lot less, before we stumble upon a chapel surrounded by burning buildings crawling with very angry skeletons. We venture through the chapel, learn the grisly truth about what happened, and get some nice loot on the way as well.