Wildstar Leveling #7 Level 8-9 and Transistor #7 OMG There are CHALLENGES!

I swear I know how to use a damn map, but the Wildstar map screwed me up in the first few seconds, that and choking on a sandwich that apparently had too much sauce. After that we got so much better and spent a lot of time brutally murders some Dommie monsters and some weird malverines, basically think bi-pedal wolverines. 

So technically we already saw that there were challenges available in the Backdoor area, but we didn't exactly try a lot of them out, that and FRAPS crapped itself and died the last time we tried them. So today we spent a big chunk of time trying some of them out. I'd like to think I'm not all that bad at the developing waves challenges, or the "Kill them in one Turn" challenges, but y'all are the judge.