Wildstar #27 Galeras Level 17-18 & State of Decay #3 Time To Move Ed

Dominon, Domion Everywhere. We start up at Windspire Vigil and Work With FCON to take down a massive Eldan Digsite that the Dominon have tried to take over. We get to fight them in some interesting ways, sort of hacking some turrets, some giant chickens, and of course our wonderful resonators, fields, probes, and other assorted death dealing methods.
We are moving. Yes with Ed Bitten and As we quickly discover, the bridge out, we try to make it to a new outpost with people who are actually alive. Of Course we grabbed someone's truck and Ed stole the dead guy's radio, which these other survivors used to contact us, so we may not exactly have the honest base we need to build a great friendship.