Wildstar Leveling #25 Galeras Level 16-17 & State of Decay #2 Guess we Follow the Gunshots

Well I delayed and I delayed but I finally had to head over to the other side of the camp ground to where we heard the gunshots from. Turns out we found an ex soldier who joined us and watched as Ed made a horrible and incredibly stupid move. You'll see it coming I promise, plus I start yelling at him about it as soon as he starts. Instant Karma.

And today we're continuing to try and take revenge on the Dominion all over Galeras. We kill a bunch of them, steal their data cores, then go and steal ammo from some other dominion. Better yet, we even capture a Dominion pilot and get to try and torture him with mental images. Oh and we get a little bit of revenge on those damn bee monster things.