Wildstar Leveling #24 Galeras Level 16 & Skyrim #10 Into the Skooma Den, Apparently

Well, initially we were heading of to get the sap we need for the stupid tree in whiterun, but, let's face it, the spriggans there will probably murder me, so on the way there we discovered this nice little burned down cabin to crash at, and one of the guards mentioned here was skooma down stairs, so hey, why not go get some skooma? Not sure if it is illegal in skyrim, but hey whose here to catch us?

Yes we're finally over in galeras full time now. Killing giant bees, dealing with super smart tank drivers, killing more bees, why the hell won't these bees leave me alone? oh and wrecking some dominion face, and watching that guy get obliterated by a mortar shell.