State of Decay #1 And Zombie Time & Wildstar Leveling #23 Celestion Level 15-16

Welcome to a brand new let's play, State of Decay. I have played none of this game before this and so far I'm loving it, and hopefully it will stay just as awesome. Today we met some other survivors, helped fortify a ranger's station, because reasons, and we killed zombies while hunting for some more supplies.

So Close, we were so close to being completely done in Celestion, but then I accidentally realized the last few quests we had missed. After this we are completely done with Clestion and heading exclusively towards Galeras, the plains area outside of Thayd. A land covered in Dominion forces, giant killed bees, the Osun, and even a whole new race you have not seen in my video yet. Soon I swear, like tomorrow. Today we ruin some ICI days.