Transistor #14 Welcome to the End & Wildstar Leveling #22 Thayd Level 15

Yes we are finally here. This final episode we trek through an entirely new section of Cloudbank, lead by Royce, the final member of the Camerata. We face a whole new and incredibly difficult new member of the process, The Man, at every freaking turn; Until finally we meet with Royce. Some how things go right and wrong and boy howdy you'll see I almost really lost a fight there, but in my defense my opponent cheated.

Yes we finally punched our way through the space zombie hoarde, and Finally made it to Thayd, the Capital city of the Exiles, and former Osun Facility. WE go through the basic questing in Thayd, grab our house and such and in general prepare for the next real zone, Galeras.