Wildstar Leveling #20 Part 1 and 2

We are getting pretty close to finishing up in Celestion. We head for the Belabog Contaiment Camp. We've completely cleared up Camp Viridian and Exo Lab 22. And then we accidentally stumble into a shiphand mission, one of the first possible group missions.

Well, now we're going in to save outpost M-13 from the horrible parasites that have taken over. It not too difficult an area, but its quite a bit of fun and has a nice little secret, that even my group didn't believe when I told them, so I found it alone. Once we save the whole outpost eventually we start helping Belabog Containment Camp and the Reapers deal with an out break of the Ravenous, Mordesh who've lost their minds and now just want t eat us all.