Wildstar Leveling #19 Celestion Level 13-14 And Transistor #13 Nope, Not Any Better

Woot, we are the only administrator for the entire city! We make all the decisions, for ourselves and now one else. Not exactly the world we set out to protect. We also have begun fighting only one new entity of the Process. The Man. When we started this I didn't really understand the way that The Man each have a special ability and then they share it with all the other's in the area. We are also shown the true power of the Transistor by Royce, the final member of the Camerata.

HA! We passed level 13! Well now we fight more evil flying bug things. But now we go hunting for the massive source of Primal Life inside the Godwood tree. In our defense we need the Primal Life for the Vitalus that keeps the Mordesh alive.