Wildstar Leveling #17 Celestion Level 13 and Transistor #12 Key to the City

I Swear, eventually we will reach level 14, 13 is possibly the longest level ever. We're mostly dealing with the Torine Sisterhood. A group of blade-maiden descended from Tresayne Toria, the master swords' women whom the eldan took from the Cassian and who later would be the mother of Dominus The Half-Blood, the first half human half eldan and the first Emperor of the Dominion. Well when she was offered to the eldan, she demanded to bring some of her followers along, the eldan disagreed until she gave them a sound beating. So Tresayne Torine and her follower left for planet Nexus and their order has lived on until now, still weilding blades, and hosting a terrifyingly powerful connection to the primal energies than control everything


Looks like we are it, no one else is left in Cloudbank. The Process has consumed and altered most of the city, only water seems unaffected. Of the four Camerat, two committed suicide, one was consumed by the Process and sent against us, and now we hunt for the last member, who claims he can help us fix everything. But we already have him in the Transistor, so not sure If I trust him.