Wildstar Leveling #10 Celestion Level 10-11 and Transistor #9 Boss Fight!!!

Moodies, we have to kill more of the crazy mask wearing nuts, and when I say more, I mean a lot, I'm pretty sure we've depopulated this whole zone at this point. and heck after that, we even go kill their essence of death. But of course in awesome Wildstar fashion, kill Death and the moodies get scared of you.

That's right, time to take on the Spine of the World. Easily the most deadly fight I saw in this game. The Spine of the World was amazing, and I manged to win by the rather literal skin of my teeth. You'll see how close we came to failing and boy howdy was it close. But we succeeeded, killed the giant mass of Proccess and then we can move deeper into Cloudbank