Wildstar Leveling #9 Clestion Level 10 And Skyrim #5 ShiPP Loades, ShiPPP Loades of Fruit!

Well today, we put on a costume that doesn't look too horrible, we join an XAS basement focusing on the Modies; a diminutive race of totem wearing screamy people. And then we murder them all, pretty much. I also get to show you how terrible I am at Simon says.

The bear had Ship Loades of fruit. Well today we try rather desperately to join to companions without me getting angry and punching someone. First of all because like last episode I noticed that the starting area of Skyrim is kind of racist. And of Course Vilkas tries to give me crap and say now one knows my name, y'know "Dovahkin!" Plus of course the Pick Axe of Doom!