Transistor #1 :Did I Kill that Dude?

It's here, its finally released, Transistor by /super Giant Games. This first episode was actually supposed to come out yesterday, but I had too much fun playing the game so nothing got edited or rendered until like 10 pm, sorry. Not a huge amount of the story in the beginning, definitely an In Medias Res start. but after the initial confusion this game picks up in a big way.

Ok I will be there first to admit that I have been waiting for this game. Since Super Giant announced that they would create another game I have been sitting, not so patiently for it, and Transistor lived up to my hopes. I will apologize that I kind of suck at the beginning as I'm trying to understand the mechanics but this game is great and has no where to go but up, especially once you see that I do figure out the combat system.

Transistor. Super Giant Games. 2014
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