Sorry For Random and Late Post

And with one pull of a cord the whole page I wrote deleted.....sigh my luck.

So, some of you know me as the Beast, the crazy guy who plays random games with the Baker, others know me as Kyle, the pyromaniac cook who is Stephen's best friend and soon to be a chef. This is random and late because Stephen added me......11 days ago, wow not nearly as bad as I thought. Little bit about me:

I'm a German-Irish man from Sheboygan, WI (which Google either doesn't think is a place or that I misspelled my hometown; neither are true). I spent the last 5 nights taking care of my girlfriend in the hospital, she was just diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease. She is taking the news way better than anyone would have ever expected which is saying quite a bit as she is the strongest lady I know. I love her very much and am proud of her. Other than, that I currently work with Stephen and soon will live with him, the reasons that I am on the podcast and able to write this now (well, technically again but let's not re-depress me....). At work he teases me with bits of the next Derk Horsey campaign session; I am the assassin with an itchy trigger finger that points a gun at Regis, the Tech Priest, at every opportunity and fails EVERY SINGLE fellowship test by a minimum of 3 degrees of failure. Currently I am playing GTA 5 (ohhhh God that multiplayer SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD), whenever I charge my fracking 3ds I will go back into pocket monsters X, and whatever Stephen and I are currently failing at together.

So now that I am an admin, I will flex my metaphorical flaming muscles and finish my ultimate mission (or not, still undecided as to whether I will end him) MUAHAHAHAHA. Also now that I will live with him I will have even more opportunity to bring the resting pain and torture to him permanently tehehe.

As we all know last night was Valentine's Day, so I cooked and brought food to the hospital for my beautiful lady. This is the menu:

Aperitif: Spicy Lime & Lime Chips, Chili Dip

Dinner: Seared Sea Bass drizzled with White Balsamic Glaze over Sauteed Arugula and Roasted Grape Tomatoes

Cheese: Double Cream Brie served with Bagel Crisps, White Truffle Oil, Blueberries, Strawberries, Black Berries, and Hazelnut Chocolate.

Dessert: Chocolate Coated Strawberries and White Chocolate Truffles

Author's Note: Yes, I do know my grammar and spelling but phooey on your Nazi-treatment of English. Also, I am not insane, well I am, I'm just not outside of the societal acceptance of standard deviation from sanity.

As a late edition from Stephen: the hospital being the reason we did not record this week.