Frozen Review (or long-winded ramble. I'm not sure which...) :

Alternate title: In Which Stephanie Actually Posts Something

Hey! Look at me finally writing something for the site! (I’ve come up with ideas before, but I was at school where I was thoroughly distracted by hating everything. But let’s not dwell on that.)

So when I first heard about Disney’s Frozen (back when it was still called ‘Ice Queen’) I was fairly excited.

Then it fell off my radar and I occupied myself with other things.

When it finally returned to my scope of things, I was more or less making this face -_______-

The marketing for this movie was awful. Like, offensively bad.

Basically everything was about Olaf – and The King of Town’s Good Gravy did they made him look repulsive.

The trailers also gave me absolutely NO idea what the heck I was supposed to expect (and I can’t stand that. Don’t think I’m going to go see your movie just because you’re Disney – that’s only alienating me from your product, you corporate hacks)

But… I wanted to want to see this movie.

But for the life of me I could not get excited. I understood full well it was not going to be Tangled - that wasn't my problem. My complaint was that I didn’t want to go see Tangled when that came out, but at least the marketing made it look appealing. (side note: of course when I did see Tangled I loved it). I realize I have the additional hindrance of seeing the Disney Animation Studios which did nothing to excite me either (and were my main complaint in comparing the advertising between this and Tangled)

Funny how the one for  Frozen  is  not  the one I find cool

Funny how the one for Frozen is not the one I find cool

I also concede that living in southern California, “frozen” is not really a concept I can get in the spirit for (I fricken LOVE the frosty cold whenever I have the chance – I’m trying to haul my ass out to Colorado as we speak – but on my last day of finals I was wearing shorts. Again: -_____- )

And then my friend Santi went to go see it, and gave me her non-spoiler-y review, which agreed with me greatly on the complete and utter failure of the marketing team, but as an art student she largely complained about the art (and I see where she’s coming from on the character modeling. Though it doesn’t irk me quite the same), and she basically liked it but wasn’t overwhelmed – though she did love “Let it Go” and linked me to it (the main thing I got out of it at the time was that it was nice and “ooh – Idina Menzel” {I need context for my music a lot of the time}).

My tumblr dashboard on the other hand seemed to praising the film in all its glory (when people weren't going back and forth arguing about the Caucasian-ness of Disney princesses, that is), and I had to keep one eye closed in attempt to avoid spoilers (because again, deep down I knew I wanted to see this movie).

And somehow I got to talking to my friend Maggie on the subject, at first basically apologizing for my lack of enthusiasm, when she clearly loved it. Then it was followed by the revelation that of course I was going to love it because I do this thing where I’m resistant to like something, and when I finally get around to giving it a chance I adore it to bits (key examples: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and Once Upon a Time).

Anyways, yesterday I went to lunch at Denny’s with a bunch of friends (and was very unimpressed with the Smaug Burger. Sticking with the Hobbit Hole Breakfast henceforth), and figured I’d swipe the Spanish Frozen poster that was hanging out of a newspaper display case in front of the restaurant. There’s no real reason for sharing that piece of information, but I do what I want.

Then, I lobbied to my dad to see a movie, Frozen, after dinner. Which – miracle of miracles – then occurred.

So we drove to the not-as-nice theater in town, and I waited in line for tickets while my dad parked, and I was annoyed at the people talking loudly behind me, (and maybe did ask for Tangled tickets instead of Frozen BUT I SWEAR IT WAS BECAUSE I HAD BEEN STARING AT THE SIGN FOR IT WHICH SAID “FROM THE CREATORS OF TANGLED”). And then we sat down, and I was hoping the children in the theater would behave (they did), and that I’d never have to suffer through another Aulani ad again (the plague of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses for ages), and more or less enjoyed the trailers.

And then the movie started.

And pretty much right away I was captivated by how gorgeous the scenery was.

And I loved the opening song. And baby Christophe and Sven maybe made me cry a little.

And then I was prepared to by annoyed by Anna, but they really quickly made that not the case.

And my heart hurt with the ship and the wave.

And Anna and Hans' song was like the most adorable thing

And basically it took a very short amount of time for me to love the crap out of this movie as I internally squeed “asdfghjkl; Frozen is perfect!”

Is it? No. There are problems. But there’s a lot that I find so very well done it overshadows my issues with it.

There’s not enough Sven, first of all.

But I also feel like there’s not enough Elsa. While I recognize Anna very much takes the role of hero, I sorta wanted Elsa to have a bit more focus. It feels premise-wise like it should be Elsa’s story: she’s the one who makes shit frozen. Oh – and can also create life like it’s nothing (a particular part of her power that should have gotten more explanation or something. Like at least have that make her a bit more tired and have to recharge. But no. She’s just god apparently). Also WHERE THE HELL DID HER POWERS EVEN COME FROM? All we got was “born with them”. I. Am. Not. Satisfied. With. That. ‘Explanation’.  

The Trolls also needed a bit more explanation I feel. (At least in how they raised Christophe)

That said, I burst out laughing a lot during this film.

And I cared about all the characters.

And Olaf (as others had told me, though I was skeptic to believe them) is an utter delight – a total gem.

The score is great.

The songs are great. (I still weep for Howard Ashman, though.)

And I was just generally so, so pleased.

And my dad really liked it too. (like, we both knew walking in that his expectations were not very high), but that was the first thing he told my mom when we came back home.

Now, why did I go on for ages about the advertising? Because once the credits began rolling (which of course I sat through; the after movie bit was grand) I was even more pissed off at the marketing than I was walking in (and I walked into the theater knowing that I was never going to get over how bad the publicity was). Why would you not give audiences a single clue as to what this movie was about? Why would you make all the marketing about Olaf who is really not that big a character? Why would you make him come off as abhorrent when he is a treasure? Why was I not aware of Sven until I did a Google search and found an article explaining the things you need to know before going to see Frozen?








(I love Sven a lot okay. And I don’t know who I BROTP ship him with more, Olaf, or Maximus)


That said, I love this movie lots. In different ways than I expected.

Also maybe more than Tangled.

This movie dares a lot more than Tangled. And just has that quintessential Disney heart. It hits all the right notes, and hits them well. It mocks certain typical Disney tropes in a very clever way, provides some new things, and is just one of those movies that will work for anyone: young kids, older kids, and adults. 

I very strongly agree with a lot of what the Walker brothers have to say about this movie. It just feels like Disney in a way that things haven’t in a long ass time. And like Disney is back. And HOLY CRAP THE LITTLE GIRL IN ME IS EXCITED.

One thing that stuck out to me was their frequent ‘failed comparison’ of Frozen to Beauty and the Beast.

I love BatB, of course. But I remember getting the ‘platinum edition blu-ray’ or diamond or whatever  when it was ‘re-released from the vaults’ or something, and getting all excited because I remember loving it, and know all the songs, and being older, had just become aware of how it was really renowned as one of disney’s best and was an academy award winner and all that jazz. And when then I rewatched it. And was really…underwhelmed. Which I suppose is just a different perspective to take into that argument, and explains some of my subjectivity on the matter.

They make lots of other really interesting points and I recommend you check it out


PS: the first thing I did when I got home was go and buy the soundtrack (playing as I write this. Bless you Amazon and Auto-Rip)

PPS: Goodness the demos/outtakes are adorable!!

PPPS: my dad enjoyed listening to the music with me throughout the day today as well