Second Step into Heresy

So,a bit delayed but hey I am stupidly busy. So my group have been playing and had a very interesting ordeal. In the first session they went through some combat tutorials, a shooting and a shock baton competition. They culminated in a mock duel between the winners, our adept and one of the guardsmen, the adept knocked the guardsman out cold in about two rounds. With that the Noble house that had been running the tournaments Invited the acolytes to fight in the House Gladiator pits.

They decided to enter as a chance to win some money and prizes before they would begin following their true investigation.

As they entered the pits Sa'Argath, the Arbitrator decided to try and intimidate a member of the audience into fighting with them. Using simply his piercing eye Sa'Argath convinced said audience member to join them in the pit, with no weapons or armor until the same arbites handed the poor sod a dagger and nothing else. 

Their first wave of opponents was made up of a few underhiver scum armed with las pistols and four moss dogs. The acolytes still we not used to fighting as a group and had some trouble with incredibly uncoordinated attacks, save for three guardsmen at the back who were taking full; actions aims and firing at single moss dogs each turn. The badass adept, Issha, Walked forward planning to beet some dogs upside the head with his staff, as did one of the psykers, though they and Sa'Argath completely failed each attack they attempted. The team was quickly overwhelmed as the four moss dogs came in close and the scum were firing mostly failing barges at the acolytes, until the second psyker, Frieta made a single move that saved the entire party. She attempted to cast Inflict Pain on a scum, a psychic power that causes a target incredible pain and effectively stuns them for a turn.

Now the psychic power was completely successful but in her attempt to use the power she rolled a 9. For those who have not played Dark Heresy a 9 rolled on a psychic power causes Perils of the Warp. The user rolls a d100 and on a roll of 1 to 74 a semi-minor effect happens and a roll of 75 or higher causes the person to roll again on the Terrors of the Warp chart, a much worse table where most of the results will range between massive wounds to many people, accidentally summoning a daemon, or even the warp opening and eating the pysker. Frieta got lucky and rolled in the low 40's and the players sighed in relief as I read the ability, most claiming it did nothing. You see she rolled "All plants within 3d10 meters wither and die almost instantly." Most of the players say "Nice that does nothing we dodged a bullet." Until Frieta looked at all of them and said they're "MOSS Dogs!" Everyone jumped up and cheered as the meter dice rolled and covered every single moss dog. In one fell swoop Frieta killed every single moss dog and the guardsmen proceeded to turn every remaining scum into a smoldering pile of ash.

The second Round was populated by a psyker of the noble house and two servitors, one combat and one gun servitor. This round was again dominated by psykers. The guardsmen and Sa'Argath took out the combat servitor before it could do too much, while one Psyker spasmed the gun servitor. Spasm caused the servitor to convulse and fall to the ground firing its gun at the closest target, namely the house Psyker, who was torn apart by the bullets but not before he fired a a telekinetic bolt that left Xerxes, the assassin, with a single wound remaining. Frieta then managed to wreck another round by using a Spectral Hands to drag the gate of the arena crashing down on top of the spasming gun servitor's head and chest.

The third Round was a tad bit more goofy and even faster. A Dark Eldar slave and an Ogryn stepped onto the field, with the dark Eldar leaping into combat before any could react, hurling a hallucinogen grenade at the random citizen but it scattered and landed in between Sa'Argath and one of the guardsmen, causing the Guardsman to believe something horrible was happening to his hands leaving him a screaming mess staring at his hands while Sa'Argath was fairly certain that every surface had horrible abominations sprouting from in so he began trying to kill random walls, thankfully he only had a club equipped so he couldn't accidentally shoot anyone. Everyone opened fire on the Eldar Save for Frieta who was able to move faster than the Ogryn and yet again successfully used Spectral Hands to bring the already bloodied gate down on another unfortunate target, though this giant beast was brought crashing to the ground, pinned under it's weight as he began to rapidly bleed out from holes in his arm and the loss of his nose.

With that battle concluded the combatants, and the random citizen who had made psychotic dashes at every enemy near him, walked away with 200 thrones and a Flak Cloak.

Afterwards the acolytes split into Two separate groups, one to investigate the Habs of the cultists and one to interrogate, but those are for next week.