Fallout 3 I Keep Forgetting to Mention These Don't I?

So here we have the Fallout Videos for Sunday, Monday, and Today! 

Yes We made it to Grayditch last episode and discovered Those! in question were giant mutant ants, oh and they breath FIRE! so in one of our longer episodes we go digging deep into the Marigold Subway Station Trying to find a way to terminate this infestation. Of course along the way we meet raiders, ghouls, a crazy scientist, a giant queen ant and much much more, all capable of murdering me

Well I decided to try and follow the story missions, silly me. That means crawling through a mile or so of subway tunnels filled with Raiders, and Ghouls all waiting to kill and eat me, it was so much fun! And then I finally made it back to the surface and what do I find but some guys in Power armor fighting a metric ton of Super Mutants and then a Super Mutant who probably weighted a good 40 tons. All to talk to one guy who sent me off to repair his stupid broadcasting dish, another mile away!


I can only take so much time underground, in real life and in Fallout 3. And I spent basically this whole damn episode underground. every time I turned  corner and saw the nuclear ash floating in the dim subway Light I swore it was a ghoul coming to eat me. But finally, yes Finally! we made it out! And I even go back inside the next episode JOY!