Show of Feast and Famine #16 A Tenative Return

Hello Y'all and welcome to a new episode of the Show of Feast and Famine, this is the first time We're hosting it on our own site and on mtgcast, when Chewie as time to post it. It should also be appearing on Itunes as well but I would not hold my breath, they and I have not always been the best of friends. So on to the true is show notes with all our info sources


We are back! Sort of we think, I hope, maybe? We should be back to our weekly schedule from now on along with doing work on our own site and at least I'm doing some videos regularly. Today we spent most of our episode discussing the up coming top-down designed Theros Block, from the vault twenty, and Monster's Versus Heros. Oh and we went very very amusingly indepth. hope you like it!

Path of the hero, prerelease and such events

SDCC Wizards of the coast panel, Monsters vs Heros Duel Decks, Commander 2013, Hero’s Path, and From the Vault 20

October through August  FNM Promos

The Latest Uncharted Realms Article.

Gathering Magic’s Theros photo album

Realesed art, two fake cards and a lot of internet screaming about Kratos

star city games also going over other information from SDCC