And then I was Borned

This is the daily series I'm looking to do on the weekends, where I play through Fallout 3. Now I love the whole Fallout franchise, I own every game except either Tactics or Brotherhood of steel, I can never remember which i skimped on. But I don't think the older games would work very well at least not with me at the helm, and to be perfectly honest I just don't completely love New Vegas, I mean sure it has hardcore mode if you're a crazy masochist and it has some funny dialogue but its world seems much smaller and more rail roaded. In fallout three I like how the factions are a bit more undernoted and you can't get away with hiding in Caesar's Legion gear to not get a giant spear shoved through your colon. It also helps I have all the DLC for Fallout 3.

So I hope you enjoy, Bioshock will return on Monday!