Happy Emancipation Day! (In the Virgin Islands)

Yes we are now on episode three of my continuing attempt to play Bioshock: Infinite and today we're celebrating the great and glorious day when the Virgin Islands became a free and independent country, apparently July is very popular for declarations of Independence all around the world, some aren't even violent, but in Columbia they are. Today I go to war with a fanatical fraternity dedicated to racial purity and an idealization of the Raven and John Wilkes Booth; you know the crazy guy who shot Lincoln in the back of the head during a play. Well apparently in Columbia that makes him a saint and Lincoln is some kind of evil cross between Satan, the Grim Reaper and all the bad stuff your grandparents thought would happen if races get mixed and all the things people say will happen when gay men and women get married. So basically Honest Abe is the worst thing the world has ever seen, to Columbia. Thank fully I mostly wiped out said brotherhood.