Fallout 3 Episode 5 and 6, Hatred and no Bullets!

Ah yes super fun times with Fallout three, this weekend we continued our adventure trying to reach that stupid minefield but on the way there I ran into a good five or six super mutants one of which had a freaking mini gun, oh and that was the point where I realized post Mirelurk adventure I had no ammo left. I managed to vanquish said mutants but then began fighting with game crashes and crazy people so You can see for your selves.

With that little excusion taken care of I also began helping Moira with the second chapter of the Wasteland Survival Guide, I had offered to test some kind of Mole Rat Repellent she has attached to a pointy stick. Sadly said "repellent" sadly turned out to cause rather explosive allergic reactions and the sewer Moira sent me to happened to have some other inhabitants, namely ones with shotguns.