Fallout 3 Episodes 3 and 4

Sorry y'all just got back from the crazy road trip last night at like 2 am so I have been unable to post about new episodes or fix broken ones but now I can! The fixed episode 7 of Bioshock Infinite is being rendered as I type and should be up tonight, sorry about the wait there. However in the mean time you can watch so very silly episodes of my weekend series, Fallout 3.

For Episode 3 we are doing some work on that super fun Wasteland Survival Guide with Moira Brown. I was planning on trying to check out the Super Duper Mart to try and scavenge food and medicine, little did I know it was pretty far away and filled with raiders, oh and a son of a crapping DEATHCLAW! Thankfully I managed to subdue it, which had nothing to do with the raiders it had already brawled with or the fact that I was shooting it through a fence. Oh and even before that I spent about 3 hours trying to get through a freaking door!


After that Super Duper Fun we continue trying to help Moira write her Wasteland Survival Guide, this time Moira has some questions about traps, specifically land mines and sent me off to a dubious location known only as the Minefield. Another resident of Megaton asked me to take a letter to her family out in Arefu and hey thats sort of on the way so I decided to head there. Of course on the way I ran into a lake filled with like 8 freaking Mirelurks, which were stupidly evi to kill!!!