Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone!! To keep my sanity I've started trying to do some lets plays and such. You see I'm that special brand of neurotic where I need to be doing something so in this case I've decided to play Bioshock: Infinite While I try to recapture my co-host and do our podcast. She keeps running off to places like England and Ireland and forgetting her phone and all her connections to the internet, that selfish selfish girl. She knows we have Magic to talk about, and that if I don't my head might explode. 

But oh well, like I said I really kind of need to be doing something to maintain my sanity so for now I'm doing a let's play of Bioshock: Infinite and I'm also looking at doing some smaller one off videos with games I've been enjoying like Prison Architect, which just got alpha update 11, and Knights of Pen and Paper.

I hope y'all enjoy this first episode, I'm looking to post them at least every weekday if not every day, it just depends on how much free time I have. Obviously I'm completely open to feedback and would love to hear all the good and bad things the internet has to say.