And the Madness Begins

So yes, in my one weird bit of free time I managed to record a couple episodes of the Show of Feast and Famine lets play of mass effect. Sorry its four days later, I was struck by a glorious combination of work place madness and technical difficulties.

Any way, welcome to episode 1 ! They should get better from here on out, though I will not be live streaming future episodes, maybe a different game.

Also, like I said I will also be doing a 30 day Mass Effect challenge, Tumblr style. this is the challenge I'm taking,

    1. Favourite Game of the Series
    2. Male or Female Shepard? Why?
    3. Favourite Class
    4. Paragon or Renegade?
    5. Favourite Character
    6. Favourite Male Companion
    7. Favourite Female Companion
    8. Least Favourite Companion
    9. Favourite Romance
    10. Least Favourite Romance
    11. Favourite Alien Species
    12. Favourite NPC
    13. Favourite Story-line Mission
    14. Favourite Loyalty Mission
    15. Favourite Side-Mission
    16. Favourite DLC
    17. Worst Mission/Loyalty Quest/Side-Mission
    18. Best Protaganist (NPC)
    19. Best Antagonist
    20. Best Part of the Game
    21. Worst Part of the Game
    22. Hardest Part of the Game
    23. Saddest Moment in the Game
    24. Opinion on the Genophage?
    25. Opinion on the Quarian/Geth Conflict?
    26. Place You Would Most Like To Visit
    27. Favourite OST Track
    28. Destroy, Control or Synthesis?
    29. What Would You Like To See Next? (DLC, More Books, Spin Off, Nothing Else)
    30. Overall Opinion on the Mass Effect Trilogy

Since this is Day one, my favorite game in the series, and when I say favorite, I mean just barely, is Mass Effect 2. I like, the massive amounts of character development and intelligent reference and metaphor in the missions, and while it isn't as RPG-ish as I would really like, it also got rid of some of my biggest problems with Mass Effect 1, namely the damn shooting.

Mass Effect 2 - Fighting the Collectors.jpg