The Show of Feast and Famine # 15 We are Legion!

We are back and would like to welcome you with us to Gatecrash, oh yeah and fear our show notes of doom.


Show notes of doom! very deep look at the Boros and many sources.

The Boros Legion as a rule is the most organized and militaristic of all the guilds of Ravnica. the combination of Red and White mana makes them an extremely structured organization but on the battlefield they employ rage and passion in combination with order. The whole guild follows a very specific structure with each person knowing exactly where they stand compared to everyone else, The design is almost identical to the Turian Hierarchy of Mass Effect, though it lacks the same chain of ascension and rapid response, if say, A section commander dies, an acting commander may be selected rapidly and there may be suggested replacements but the actual replacement will take several days at least.

This Chain still exists in new ravnica but the angels are no longer in quite the same esteem. The chain also controls what magic members are permitted to use, while red mana will tend to lead towards use of wild and chaotic spells, the white part of boros restricts use of those spells to those who have shown consistently the constitution to control them.

1. Razia, or in New Ravnica Aurelia

2. angelic warleaders and spiritual advisors, likely to be much less active in new ravnica

3. firemane angels, while technically a rank take no part in orders or commands and simply enact holy wrath where directed.

4. warrior angels, general stock of angelic warriors, basic by angel standards, still above human

Non angels

5. Guildmages: only members allowed to contact angels, most must wait for angels to contact them, primarily relay orders from angels to guild members and functions as powerful battle mages for the army, little contact with Wojeks

power chain splits here a’s being the League of Wojek and b’s being the Boros army

a6. Wojek Commander General

b6. Army commander General

a7. Section commander, one for each of the ten districts of ravnica

b7. Stone titan, a stone titan guard each district as well though none have made it to card art. They hold no real rank but are considered about on par with section commanders

a8. Shift captain, directly responsible for specific groups of wojek investigators.

b8. Skyknight captains, captains of skyknight legions and of general boros rank and file

9. Embermage, basic level mage, primary magical muscle of the league of wojek.

and many many more

Old Boros

Lead by Razia who was rarely if ever on the battlefield. Parun functioned mostly as a spiritual leader, mostly boosting morale with blazing paths of death.

Interim: With most angels dead or missing and Feather having been unbound at the end of Ravnica City of Guilds became the guild leader after the events of Dissension and the death of Razia

New Boros

Aurelia is the new leader and has made it very clear she is a War leader. Exactly what position she used to hold prior to Razia’s death and Feather’s ascension.

These are some pages i found:

(it happens to be borros week; talking about design)

(old)philosophy of red/white (inspired by but not specific to borros)
  • A group with a moral center (white) using whatever it feels is necessary to get the job done (red)
  • both colors are very driven; both create fervent followers willing to die for their cause.
  • both embrace the military although at opposite ends of the spectrum (the orderly platoon versus the ragtag mob).
  • And third, both colors have a very aggressive “attack first, ask question later” streak that seeps out into deck archetypes (white weenie and sligh).
  • red's other enemy is blue while white's other enemy is black. What do blue and black have in common? Sneakiness. Indirectly and subtly accomplishing one's goal. Red/white hates that.

(old)This one looks uber helpful; a look into the chain of command
  • ref to this song
  • It is the red's explosive fire focused by White's righteous aim. It is White's holy steel wielded by Red's raging hand.
  • Firepower is a sacred thing, and is not to be used by those who cannot control it (another little piece of Boros Whiteness.)

and this seems to be a general description with perty pics

New mechanic, battallion

Old mechanic Radiance

Argus Kos, important character

Boros minisite



Parhelion, angel air ship

boros, planeswalkers guide to gate crash

Absolution of the guildpact

Guilds of Gate Crash Innitial impressions