OOPS, My Bad.......

So for a little bit I've been doing way too much work and just simply have failed to post any videos to this site despite the fact that they've been going up on youtube on our regular schedule, sorry y'all.  So here I come bringing Saints Row IV and Torchlight 2 With myself, Brian, Kyle, and Jake. Also please check out our Read Me page to learn about all of us.

Hello and welcome back to the Baker and the Beast. We are still just as crazy and or demented, but now we're doing some almost equally as demented missions, including fighting lots of the Mad Professor Genkis; including a couple of super powered ones. Well I don't want to give away too much stuff so have fun.

Well it finally happened, we have a name for this damn series. Welcome to Feast and Friends where myself and some crazy goons I play Torchlight 2 with. Today we're crawling through a very silly dungeon with at least one goof getting lost every twenty-ish seconds. Now if only we were better at not dying.