Charity, Tis the Season

So, we are yet again in the run up to the glorious madness of capitalistic spending, I work in retail, trust me it is coming. I just wanted to make any of my viewers aware of a charity drive that Total Biscuit announced a few minutes ago for the manager of the pro gaming team Dignitas. All the information is included in TB's video and I hope you chose to give your money to this or some other charities, and if you have no extra money, maybe a bit of your time. Remember, this time of year is all about good will towards your fellow human and peace on earth, and this is just one chance to help. 

The only thing I ask, is please don't behave like the man-children who so often make up you tube comments who are as I write this decrying a donation drive for a man whose house, namely his thankfully empty, childrens' rooms. I do understand if you don't feel that helping one family is that important in the grand scheme of things, but please do something for your community.

I don't know about anyone else, but since I was a kid my thanksgiving through new years weekends were always absorbed by my fathers attempts at getting my sister and I to help provide some holiday cheer to the homeless and working poor of my home town. Sure, I hated the guy for it, and still do when I return to his house for a holiday and he's already signed me up for more work, But it still made me the man I am today and I know it helped plenty of other people.