Christmas Time is Pasted

     So, with Christmas now just barely passed and my computer absorbed with downloading a mountain of games I keep getting from the amazing steam sales I have decided to play and write about the copy of Assassins Creed 3 that my lovely sister got for me.

     So far I've gone through the intro and a small bit of playable game. It should be mentioned this is the xbox version and I've apparently been spoiled by my crazy use of PC gaming because 30 FPS om game play is driving me crazy! So on that note, the intro is very good about covering the story stuff that happened in the past games, though I did play all but Assassin's Creed 2: Revelations, so I do sort of know what has happened so far. Well except where on earth it is we are and when, spoilers, that Desmond's dad has apparently showed up and is sort of running the show. 

     So far the game seems to be taking itself pretty seriously and yet it contains a 21 of December 2012 reference as its doomsday prophecy, which makes me want to murder people, but that's just me, and of course the game is still set in what ever year the first game came out in. 

     Ok ok I'll stop rambling and go play the game, see y'all soon and hey, maybe check out the articles I've been writing for card shark, they're apparently not terrible since Chewie Keeps posting them.