February 07,08, and 09 Stream Vods, Subnautica, Civ 6 and Overwatch


YES! we finally did it. Off screen I went to go find all the fragments for the alien containment cell and it took awhile, but we got it. I mean I did other stuff but mostly I constructed a five story tall alien containment.


Ah glorious Civ 6, sometimes I forget how annoying it can be. I love this game and as you can see in the video, Rise and Fall adds a ton of helpful changes, but there still isn't a real way to play diplomatically. Like to avoid being thought of as warmongers you need to kill anyone who has ever met you while at war, or just accept the first peace that is offered every war.


As is our tradition now, once an overwatch goes Live we must collect Chewie's dorks and go play the new event. And as always chewie has better luck than most of us, but he also has a much higher chance of getting the new items than the rest of us, save for maybe bill?

March 21 Sea of Thieves Streams, because of course there were more than one.


I got a bit bored and was expecting some folks to sail with me but ended up deciding to just solo sail and get some loot before Join up with my glorious crew.


Of course, then we started the Stream up again later and managed to finally get steph into the game! and eventually we got miriam in too so we sailed about with a slightly understaffed galleon. So you can join us on our foolishly terrible adventures, especially when we finally get involved in some ship to ship combat! 

Spoilers, it goes....poorly.

February 02, 04, 05, and 06 Stream Vods


Hailey is in general a good bit better at this game than Cap, and is way ahead of his production. She's already made her first Dee-Dee and is now making another and signs and other things clearly vital to the survival of this crazy backwoods island town.


So this is actually our......second episode of Subanautica. We finally figured out how to explore one off the big wrecks so I can pick up some new techs and hopefully turn them into better gear, like oxygen tanks to keep us from dying. 


We have not had the best of luck on this planet in general. We almost drown, actually totally have at least twice, we have almost starved and died of dehydration on multiple occasions, and now we also have some kind of awful alien disease.


HA! After we finished last time I figured out I was being a bit dumb and managed to figure out how vehicle mods upgraded, so now our Seamoth can handle 900 meters, so I just took it straight to the disease research area so that is where we are starting off.

March 20 Streams: Sea of THieves and Brigette


So, this is our second game, we got a bit of play in the night before, but not really too much team play. So, in this lovely 2 hours or so Cap and miriam managed to sail for a good while and eventually roped Joey in as well. Once Steph had managed to get the game downloaded we backed out and discovered we could not reenter, the servers were denying new entries in order to fix the issue with them, accidentally, denying entries.


So, after we discovered we could not log back into Sea of Thieves in Order to play with Steph, we gave up and decided to go play some Overwatch. Its a new week so we decided to try and get our 9 arcade wins in with mystery heroes, also because we both wanted to try and play Brigette.

Eventually we even acquired a chewie.

January 30, 31, and February 01 Stream Vods

So, here's the thing, I didn't realize that getting access to the allied races required Exalted reputation. I have that with one of the two possible races, but I did not have their quest chain finished. And then I had the opposite issue with the Highmountain Tauren, quests all done, but not quite at Exalted. So we tried to finish one or the other and kind of failed.

It's been awhile since we came back to this game hasn't it? Well join myself, Steph, Chewie, and eventually Hailey in our crusade to destroy all the world's Ceilings, Floors, walls, and zombies, in about that order of priority.
Ok, took some time, but I've managed to unlock one of the allied races, so here we go to check out the intro quest to the Nightborne and then play as one for a little bit.